House Cleaning Available for Every Household

We provide quality home cleaning services to our clients in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht Haren, and Eindhoven. We have uniform prices for household cleaning. You select cleaners from our website or you seek our services, our price will remain same. Every cleaner is equipped with industry standards and modern equipment. We only provide hygienic cleaners for home cleaning services. Cleaning on a Click provides professional home cleaning service that leaves your home looking good as new and fully free from any harmful viruses or bacteria. Call now to find out more about our reliable house cleaning available in your city at affordable prices.

Price Starting from 18.5 Euros per hour.

Note: Different pricing for end of tenancy cleaning

Cleaning on a Click Available for All Residential Homes

Cleaning on a Click now offers professional house and home cleaning service that is available for all residential places in in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, Haren and Eindhoven.
Our quality home cleaning is available for small flats, small houses, large houses, apartments, housing buildings and all other types of homes and houses in your city.
We provide deep cleaning for mobile homes as well that are attached to some kind of moving vehicles. If you have a home or house that needs cleaning for any of its parts, rooms or corners, Cleaning on a Click is a name you can trust.
We provide professional high-quality cleaning anytime.

Why You Need Cleaning on a Click?

Do you struggle to find time to clean your home?

Are there grimy spots in places that are hard to reach in your house?

Do you need you house to be made virus and bacteria free?

For all these requirements, Cleaning on a Click now provides the best solution in your city. Our online cleaning appointments are available for all addresses in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, Haren and Eindhoven.

We provide deep clean for all floors, surfaces, furniture items and hidden places like under carpets or under stairways. Our professional house cleaning services make your home completely virus and bacteria free even in spots where no one every notices.

In today’s world, a virus infection is never too far away. Bugs, insects, pests and us humans as well can always catch and bring certain viruses and bacteria into the household. Cleaning on a Click now provides hygienic home cleaning service that makes your house safe for everyone. Our proven advanced chemical treatment that is comprised of antiseptic ingredients, is capable of eliminating all harmful viruses and bacteria from your household anywhere they might be hiding.

  • Reliable house cleaning service available
  • Deep house cleaning for all households
  • Convenient cleaning on a click available
  • Hygienic house cleaning for all properties
  • House cleaning available in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Eindhoven

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Many households in Netherlands suffer from dirty hidden corners or places that nobody ever goes to. Cleaning on a Click in in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Haren provides deep cleaning service for all hidden parts of the home. We have over a decade of house cleaning experience in your city offering perfect cleaning solution for all households in the region. Our service includes advanced chemical treatment for deep cleaning and also all harmful viruses and bacteria removal as well. We Provide:

  • Quality toilet and washroom cleaning
  • Professional house floor cleaning for all rooms
  • Deep kitchen cleaning for all households
  • Proper basement and attic cleaning available
  • Quality bedroom, living room and dining room cleaning
  • Reliable furniture cleaning for all items in the home
  • Perfect store room cleaning available
  • Deep clean for under stairway part of the home

Professional Surface and Floor Cleaning for Houses

At Cleaning on a Click, we provide our clients leading house cleaning solutions. For all the surfaces like countertops, cupboard shelves, kitchen surfaces and bathroom surfaces, our approved cleaning chemicals do the job very nicely. Professional cleaners that we send to your house clean away every surface within the vicinity of your home. We also provide deep clean for all floors in all parts of any home and house. We leave your house free from any germs and remove all dirt and grime between tiles on floors and on any surfaces.

  • Professional kitchen surface cleaning
  • Quality bathroom surface cleaning
  • Deep floor cleaning for living rooms and bedrooms
  • Reliable floor and surface cleaning for garage
  • Professional floor and surface cleaning for every home

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