Window Cleaning

Quality Window Cleaning for All Buildings

Cleaning on a Click is one of the most reliable window cleaning service providers in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Eindhoven for all building types. Whether you need window cleaning for single, double or triple story house or a multi-story tall apartment building, we will provide just the service you need. Our commercial window cleaning for plazas, shopping malls, office structures, business centers and others make buildings look and feel great. Our quick window cleaning service is available at any time offering clean and tidy windows at affordable prices.

We Make Your Building Exteriors Look Great

For tall business centers, hotel buildings, office plazas and other public place buildings, making a good exterior impression is quintessential. Cleaning on a Click now provides the perfect opportunity to make your building exteriors look good as new anytime.


Our quality window washing service removes all marks, stains and bird waste residues from your exterior window sides. We have a professional team of window cleaning experts who perform every task with a lot of dedication.


Our window cleaning treatment involves advanced equipment and modern approved chemicals that are safe for humans. Call now to find out more.

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Window Washing and Detailing for an Enhanced Look

Cleaning on a Click is one of the most advanced window cleaning service providers for your needs. We have advanced cleaning agents and modern equipment that combine to perform perfectly for all kinds of settings and buildings.

We offer a fine window washing service and also quality window detailing bringing out shine like never before for all glass window panels. Our window cleaning service is available anytime making your windows shine bright enhancing the look of your workspace or commercial building.

Whether you have a commercial or residential building, our window cleaning and detailing will provide the best impression for all needs and requirements.

At Cleaning on a Click, we use all advanced window cleaning techniques that keep your glass windows looking great for a long time. Our professional window washing experts use approved safe chemicals that bring a lasting shine to your glass window panels. We guarantee all stains, bugs, water marks and other foreign materials are cleaned perfectly from the highest of windows. Our leading window washing leaves your windows shining good as new quickly.

  • Quick window cleaning for all buildings
  • Marks, stains and water lines removal from windows
  • Exterior glass window cleaning service
  • Tall building window glass cleaning Amsterdam
  • Window cleaning available on a click anytime

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Are you looking for a neat and reliable window cleaning service in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht or Eindhoven? You are at the right place. Cleaning on a Click now offers quick and efficient window washing and window cleaning service for the exterior parts of all buildings. Our professional window cleaning experts make your windows look great in a perfectly ethical and secure way. We use modern technology with a blend of extra safety ensuring perfect window cleaning in your city.

  • Window cleaning Amsterdam anytime
  • Window cleaning in Groningen
  • Window cleaning in Utrecht anywhere
  • Window cleaning in Eindhoven
  • Quick window cleaning available on call or online

Call Now +31648766025 or Click on Your Required Window Cleaning Service and We Will Get to You Quickly!

Window Cleaning for All Residential and Commercial Buildings

Cleaning on a Click is a professional window cleaning expert available for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. Our service in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Eindhoven delivers perfect window cleaning for all types of homes and tall commercial plazas. We help clean windows quickly and efficiently in all settings and environments. Get window cleaning and window washing for the tallest commercial buildings and any number of story houses or apartments.

  • Window cleaning for double story homes
  • Window cleaning for tall apartment buildings
  • Window cleaning for shopping malls
  • Window cleaning for banks and financial buildings
  • Window cleaning for tall business centers
  • Window cleaning for flats and tall residences
  • Window cleaning for hotels and restaurants
  • Window cleaning for all commercial buildings

Why Cleaning on a Click?

Looking for affordable and quality window cleaning in Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht or Eindhoven?

Do you need detailed window cleaning for your work building or commercial plaza?

Cleaning on a Click is the service provider you need for advanced window washing and cleaning services. Our approved chemical treatment removes and residual marks, stains and foreign materials from all windows. We help bring the new look and feel for the exteriors of your windows anytime. Our quick window cleaning team is available for service any hour of the day. We provide neat window cleaning service that doesn’t require any work building closedowns at all. Window cleaning is literally available on a click. Call now or click what you need and we will get to you in no time at all.